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Welcome those that wish to find ways to relax. Also welcome to my fellow Energy/Lightworkers and students of Energy Healing or to those who wonder what Reiki is ? Welcome all to my ‘Relaxation and Energy Healing’ website!!!



My Name is Karen and I am a Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner and a Reiki Practitioner.

I started off in the caring field as a Community Nurse and then a Health Visitor. With so many time restrictions put on my work time I felt I couldn’t really care for my Patients/Clients as I wanted too. This made me feel that I needed a way to help people where my time wasn’t so constricted, where I could listen to my Clients and help them holistically.

I ‘stumbled’ across Rahanni Celestial healing by chance when my own Natural healer was teaching her first course in Rahanni. I didn’t know why I was attracted to trying energy healing but I knew that ‘hands-on healing’ was centuries old and I loved learning new things. Little did I know the pure heat/energy that could be channeled through our hands !!!! It was an amazing learning experience!!!

As in Reiki I was initiated into Rahanni Celstial Healing, but with Rahanni we were told how centuries ago before we came to Earth we had agreed to be Lightworkers!! this sent chills down me to think had this conversation truly taken place???

This ‘energy Healing’ had me hooked so I next studied Reiki (Traditional Usui Reiki) and I thoroughly enjoyed both Level 1 & 2, I practiced and helped as many people as I could (as I still do). I marveled how even with people who didn’t believe in such things (such as my fiance) they still felt the heat and energy and their health also still improved!!


Energy Healing is a way to help many people!!!

With this website I hope to bring as many relaxation ideas as I can, obviously some involve Reiki and Rahanni though many involve ideas that anyone can use. I do also review products to those who are interested in relaxation and/or Energy Healing.

To those people that are just interested in the subject of Reiki, I hope some of these books and items will nudge you to go on to study to be channels of ‘healing energy’ too.

To the Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters please feel free to browse, if you are looking for a particular item that is not available please let me know.

I hope these items will help you show the Reiki symbols in your work and life areas/space, or utilise them to cleanse your treatment rooms or just highlight what our vocation is all about.

Here you will find relaxation ideas, crystals, chakra symbols, reiki symbols or ornaments to adorn your homes and or utilise in your treatment rooms.



I have experience so much self healing and helped so many people with Reiki and Rahanni energy and I want to help bring this energy and light into as many homes and businesses as possible and see if we can spread this healing energy and interest to more people into becoming Energy Practitioners.

I know I struggled to kit out my treatment room with the Reiki symbols I had learn about and I hope this website helps decorate your homes and treatment rooms with what ever item you are drawn to.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Love and Light,



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