Reduce stress and anxiety naturally part 2.

Natural ways to relieve stress and anxiety, many of which are free.

I had to do a part two to finding natural ways to relieve stress and anxiety because there are many more things one can do to help counteract the stress and hassle of daily life. Also, I was aware that not everyone has access to countryside or parks. This time I have mixed in some ideas for those near natural open space and those that aren’t, also not all the ideas are completely free though most of them are.

Ways to destress yourself and have fun.

Activities need to be fun

Finding a way to destress yourself must have an element of fun or enjoyment or you just won’t want to repeat them. There are lots of quick ways to destress that you can involve family and friends, so you are spending more quality time with them and hopefully they decompress too. When we get stressed, we can often shut those that mean the most to us out of our life.

Quick ways to destress, be a kid again.

Most of us though not all can look back at our childhood and have some fond memories. Such as jumping in puddles or running through piles of leaves, these were simple free activities, but we revelled in the simple fun stuff back then. That’s what we need to embrace again when finding fun ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Bear with me I am not suggesting you put on your wellies and jump in a large puddle, not unless you want to!!!! Though why not?????

Jump and be free !!!

Here are some of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety:

1). Paddling in water or puddle jumping.

Yes, I did need to start where I left off, if you have a small child or nephew/niece then yes on a rainy-day puddle jumping can be fun. It also looks less weird if you have a child with you. It can actually give you that feeling of freedom acting like a kid again and doing kids’ stuff!!!

Paddling with family
Paddling alone at sunset


Paddling, be it in the sea, brook or river just roll up your trousers and take those shoes off. Not only do you have a chance to ground yourself, but you get the lovely cool water lapping at your feet. Feel free to splosh around!!!





2). Riding a bike.

Get your bike out and go riding in the countryside or anywhere you will be safe. If you don’t have a bike ask around many people have them and don’t use them. I got my bike when my Siter-in-Law cleared out her garage and wasn’t using it. My partner changed the seat height and pumped up the tires and away we went. I hadn’t ridden for 25 years!!! I had the most fun ever!!

I felt like  a kid again when I use to spend my summer evenings and weekends on my bike with the neighbourhood kids. Like so many of my generation we use to cycle everywhere and disappear for hours on end on our bikes. This is the exact feeling I got, peddling like crazy and then freewheeling!!! I felt free like a bird or maybe just as free as a kid again!

I did pay for it the next few days as my thighs and bottom were aching like crazy, but it didn’t stop me. We got the cycling bug and our routine became cycling  to the town centre in the evening and either a rest by the river or the pub.

3). Picnics or eating Alfresco (outside).

This is something you can do at work, instead of eating at your desk in-between typing and answering phone calls. Take your lunch outside, go to the park or a find patch of grass under a tree. Just get away from your desk.

Picnic in the park.


At the weekend pack a picnic, some sandwiches and fruit and head to the park, river or beach. You could even ride your bike there or walk. Just get outside and out of your normal routine, find a tree or patch of beach and eat your sandwiches there.



In the evenings after work when you make your evening meal if it is not cold outside, take your dinner outside and eat it. It’s nicer to eat outside than sit in front of the t.v.  or stare at a wall. If you have a dog or cat, they will enjoy you being outside with them too. I don’t know why but food tastes better outside in the fresh air.

I still remember my mum making us homemade fish and chips which she put on the local newspaper as a wrapper, we sat outside on a picnic blanket and ate them in our backyard. It’s a fond memory that I recall from over 30 years ago.

4.) Colouring books.

My colouring book and pencils

Whether you prefer crayons, felt tips or coloured pencils it doesn’t matter just colour!! Again, it is one of those activities you did as a kid and forgot what enjoyment it brings. It’s funny how all the things you did as a kid come back to you like staying inside the lines, choosing appropriate colours for the different items. If you are colouring with a child, they will pull you up if you get these things wrong. But it is such a relaxing activity which your children will love sharing with you.

5). Sky gazing and shape making.

Just lay on a blanket on the ground or a sun lounger and stare at the sky, seeing what shapes or faces you can see in the clouds. The sky is often so beautiful, and we are too busy to enjoy the natural stuff that surrounds us, just taking time to stop, lay down, rest and enjoy its beauty.

My Friend’s seahorse in the sky


I have spoken to people who have seen certain actors and even Jesus in the clouds. Just last Friday my friend sent me a cloud picture which she thought looked like a seahorse, which is crazy because it is obviously ‘an angel’ 🙂

It’s a fun free game that gets your mind focusing on other things other than your main source of stress.

6). Jigsaws.

If you have kids you probably already have jigsaws in your home, if not just ask friends and family if you can borrow some. You can pick them up from charity/goodwill shops for a small donation if you don’t know anyone who has them. Again, do this activity with friends and family, kids enjoy any activity in which you give them your time and attention.

Recently as my niece went to bed she said to me that I couldn’t go to bed until I had finished the outline of the jigsaw. So there was myself and three other adults up until 11.30 p.m. to get this done by the morning. Okay beer and wine were an addition that night, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. But a word of warning they can be so addictive, also it’s amusing how excited adults get when they find jigsaw pieces that fit together!!!

Jigsaw rule 101 do the edge first

Destress by doing childhood activities.

Though I know that we all didn’t have a fun or stress-free childhood. One of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety I have found is to be childlike again, join in with their activities. I have pretended to be a tree for my niece, I had to grow from under a blanket (the earth obviously) to a big oak tree in the space of 2 minutes. They have the imaginations to make stuff up that we can let ourselves get embroiled in and forget our worries and stress.

Men playing in children’s playground

There are so many free things we can do that just keeps us busy mentally, this distraction from worries and stress can help us see that there is so much more to life. Doing the fun stuff from our childhood gets our imagination going and we can feel those same moments of glee we had as a kid.

Whether we are colouring or doing a jigsaws, we can share our time with those we love the most, but we are also producing something at the end of it and forgetting our stresses for a little while at least.

A lot of these ideas will not only help you relax but they can mean so much to your friends and family. Things like bike rides, eating outside or picnics are memories you are making. Family and friends remember the stuff that you do together.

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