Pyramid energy for healing: Pyramid in your healing space. This

Pyramid energy for healing: Pyramid in your healing space.

This is a post about using pyramid energy for healing and meditating for your own healing (for an extra energy boost). All the information I have collected about pyramids is merely that, I don’t claim that any of the theories are true or false.

My amethyst pyramid

I personally have a pyramid that is supposed to remove EMF (Electromagnetic fields: see below for clarification) from a room, it has amethyst crystals inside and an inscription on the outside. I always believe in buying and trying things out for myself. I was surprised to feel this little pyramid, it seemed to pulsate slightly in the palm of my hand. I thought a large pyramid would be a welcome addition to my treatment room.

An EMF is produced whenever a piece of electronic equipment is used e.g. t.v., computer and mobile phone to name a few, all of the things that most of us are exposed to on a daily basis. Exposure to high levels of EMFs can give rise to effects that may be irritating or unpleasant. It is thought that a large volume of magnetic concentration exists in the pyramid boundaries which helps protects us from the adverse effects of negative energies. Whether this is true or not I can’t prove either way. However this is why people feel they or their Clients benefit from having a pyramid at home or in the treatment room.

Energy in the pyramid: a brief history of theories.

Most people, when pyramids are mentioned think of them as a place where Egyptian Royalty were buried with their staff and pets. However many dispute this idea, as no inscriptions of any kind are to be found in the corridors of the Great Pyramid which suggests whether they were more a functional building or mausoleum.

Pyramid of Djoser

The idea and theory that the pyramid shape is to do with generating positive energy is not a new one. There is a theory that the energy in the pyramid (the Great Pyramid) was to do with Moses and the ‘Ark of the Covenant’, this being the energy superconductor. Moses was adopted by Pharaoh and during his training he would have been privy to all the secrets teachings and knowledge of Egyptian use of energy.

Other theories suggest that Aliens visited Earth and gave us this knowledge to advance mankind. This they feel is the only answer to these ancient structures built thousands of years ago, after all how could primitive man have built such architectural wonders, that still remain standing today?

The power of the pyramid is in its shape.

The pyramid shape is part of Sacred Geometry as the Egyptians built the pyramids following the geometries of the human body. Sacred geometry is ‘God’s architecture’, these shapes transmit frequencies of energy. Sacred Geometry is the legitimate path of enlightenment twinning both science/mathematics and the soul.

As a Holistic practitioner I am fascinated by Sacred Geometry and the Great Pyramid is an example of sacred geometry, due to its four sides aligned precisely with the four cardinal points on a compass. A pyramid is a polyhedron formed by connecting a polygonal base and a point, called the apex. The pyramid’s shape focuses the earth’s magnetism, which amplifies the positive energy it attracts. This energy is believed to be life force source energy.

The uses of energy from a pyramid in a treatment room.

But how can these little pyramid beauties aid in a treatment, well they are alleged to have so many fabulous qualities. Have one in your treatment room as the energy from a pyramid is believed to have many powerful uses and healing qualities including purifying water, preserving food, promote healing from cuts/bruises/burns, reduce pain and helps clarify thoughts.

Having a pyramid in the treatment room will draw in negative energy and expel positive energy. Also available are pyramid chakra crystals which can be placed on the chakra points of your Client to help purify the chakra or help heal, you can infuse these with Reiki before use.

The use of a pyramid in a treatment room in a nutshell is to clean the energy within the room and to utilise the pyramids healing energy.

There are also pyramids that you can put things inside, these pyramids claim to be good for purifying water and recharging crystals.

Pyramid energy tent for intense meditation.

Many people have found the energy inside a meditating pyramid tent to be quite intense. Many have found the pyramid energy quite powerful which unnerved them but others have felt it to be an exhilarating and exciting new way of meditating. The energy within these tents can leave some people feeling that they were swirling or moving. It is thought to aid meditative practices and help you feel more focused and make the experience more intense.

The mediation pyramids come in a different variety some are tents, some just a frame or as a solid wooden structure. They can be used inside or outside.

Sometimes I just hold my pyramid in my cupped hands while I meditate and use it’s image as a focus for my mind. There are some for sale with the Reiki symbols etched on them so you can call on the Earth or Heaven Ki before you start meditating.

The energy from a pyramid is subjective.


I would say that the energy from a pyramid is a subjective thing, I say that as I undertook a little experiment of my own. When I bought a EMF reduction pyramid, I took the pyramid out of the packet and it felt tingly in my hand. I was amazed by this so I gave it to Matt my fiancé, he is not a believer of anything Spiritual and he said it felt fizzy in his hand!!! The next day I took it to a group of peers at work, 50% felt ‘something weird’ from the pyramid and 50% felt nothing .

Try for yourselves and see what you feel.

Pyramids are and still remain a mystery, but if it gets people trying to feel the energy and being present and Mindful this not a bad result in itself. It’s exciting to think that this is possibly something more than a shape, it makes us think of something far more powerful than us mere humans. Though as always I personally like to try things out for myself and see what I experience.

As discussed above because the results obtained from pyramids is very subjective and is best tried for yourself to decide . Whether you feel Aliens helped mankind find this shape and it’s qualities to help us progress or whether it is all nonsense. I know what I felt and what my doubting other half states he felt. I personally like to have my pyramid in my home and treatment room, picking it up and feeling it pulse every now and again.
I enjoy trying new things at home and in my treatment room, there are so many more things to this beautiful Universe than just tangible objects. As a Reiki Practitioner I believe in an energy source outside of myself so why not pyramid energy?

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