How to use crystals in healing

How to use crystals in healing.

heart shaped crystalI like to keep things as simple as possible, so I have compiled a quick guide for anyone including Practitioners to help with  incorporating  a few healing crystals into their practice or just to choose crystals for your own person use. I don’t think you can go wrong with crystals if you choose the ones that either you feel you are drawn to or research a little about which crystals best suit your needs. If you are using them for you or your Client’s ‘Highest Good’ you will make the right choice, you can always ask for ‘Divine guidance’ on this.

Abalone shell with assorted crystals
Abalone shell with assorted crystals

Choosing your crystals.

There are a lot of articles and information on the internet about crystals and how to choose positive energy crystals. It all becomes a little bewildering to know which crystals will be best for the specific healing requirement at hand. This could be one reason why both Reiki Practitioners and Clients are put off from using crystals, though the purest Reiki Practitioners among us may state that crystals were not part of their Reiki Training.

Incorporating the use of crystals into a Reiki healing can be very simple for anyone, as a Reiki Practitioner succinctly said to me at a Spiritual Fayre two months ago “many people get confused about crystals……. like crystals are a mystical thing!! but quite simply for a beginner I would say get a clear crystal quartz wand. Use the blunt end to draw out negative stuff, the pointy end puts positive energy into you”. It was a very true comment, the point is like most things with a little knowledge crystals can be very easy to use. Crystals can offer a great amount of extra healing to your Client’s sessions or for the Practitioners personal use.

Rose quartz crystals,


To choose my crystals I think if there is a specific purpose that I may need a crystal e.g. if I have a Client who has had a break up I would use rose quartz, not only is a beautiful crystal but it is a fantastic crystal to give to a Client to go home with. They can use it to mediate with and it can help nurture self-love and aid them in moving on. Also for break-ups the ‘apache tears crystal’ is a great crystal that protects against negative energy, which often lingers in a recent or bad break-up. This crystal  is great at blocking negative energy and allows the Client to heal.

If I didn’t know about crystals I would use a website that explains which crystals to use for which circumstance I was dealing with e.g. ‘The Mystical Moon’. Each time you search and learn which crystal to use you build up your crystal knowledge.

If in doubt I always go with my gut, which crystal I am drawn to when I think of that person or what ails them. I ask that the Angels guide my choice for them for their highest good. I may use any blue crystals I have if I think the person is worried and need support, I then ask that Archangel Michael protect the Client and give them his blue energy and strength.

Clear quartz is a traditional healing crystal, it is good for a wide numbers of uses: self esteem, childhood traumas, balance emotions, increase positive emotional energies, motivates people, it increases intuition, helps eliminate self pity, gives clarity of the mind, it will eliminate energy blockages and it is brilliant for meditating with to manifest your desires. It is an all round amazing crystal that could be your go to crystal whenever you are unsure which one to use.

Selenite crystal wand
Selenite crystal wand

My selenite crystal wand pictured above is the one I use, it is basically an eraser that can remove negativity, anxiety and worries. It is amazing for clearing any energy blocks in the body, a bit of a double energy clearing for the Client. I hang all my crystal bracelets on it at night to clear  away any negative energy I may have attracted.

How to use crystals in Reiki healing.

How to use crystals in healing as a Reiki Practitioner. Both I and my Reiki Practitioner friends go on intuition with their crystals, they have many healing crystals to choose from and go with their gut instinct on which one to put on the Client or near the Client, they may even ask the Client to hold one or merely place them under the massage coach. All these methods work really well!!!

Smoky quartz held in each hand has a relaxing effect







Two months ago I watched a Crystal Healer at a Spiritual Fayre use her crystal wand, she used the blunt end to hover over the Client’s head (crown chakra) thus drawing out the negative energy. She then stood for 5 minutes with the ‘pointy end’ pointing at the crown chakra allowing this void to be filled with positive healing energy. This is a very simplified version of what took place, but a great starting point.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner thinking of using crystals there are many certificated courses you can attend, though personally I would not do one online but in person to receive the first-hand knowledge of practicing on a Client and then receiving the gift of being healed with crystals.

How to use crystals in Reiki meditation.

Reiki symbols amethyst crystals
Reiki symbols etched on amethyst crystals

I use Reiki healing crystals if I want to empower my ‘self-healing’ when I undertake my ‘meditation with symbols’. The crystals I use are amethysts with ‘Cho Ku Rei’ and ‘Sei He Ki’ etched on them. I also have a stone with ‘Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen’ etched on it for distant healing. You can get these in most crystals stones of your choice, you just have to decide which you want to use. I prefer amethyst as purple is such a Spiritual colour and this crystal denotes the ‘crown chakra’, I use this and envisage the Reiki energy flowing into my crown when I meditate.


Of course these Reiki healing crystals can be utilised with your Client, if you so wish e.g. by placing them at the crown chakra  if you wish to use ‘Earth Ki’ if the Client has a sore arm etc. Or any other way you feel directed to use them.


Healing with crystals and Reiki.

My Chakra crystals

I also have a pack of chakra crystals which are colour co-ordinated to the chakra centres and are also etched with the chakra symbols. These too can be placed on the Reiki Practitioner when they undertake their personal healing sessions/meditations or on the Client. It is important though to listen to your intuition as you can place the crystals where they are needed rather than the corresponding chakra.

How to clean healing crystals.

The most important thing to know about any crystals you may choose is that they will require cleaning. This is very important as you do not know what negative energy they have absorbed on their journey from being mined to reaching you as the Customer.

Again this is a simple process you can just put them under running water, just run the tap/faucet on and let the water run over the crystals. Whilst doing this call upon God/Allah/Guardian Angels or the Universal Energy  etc. whichever you prefer  to clean the crystals of any negative energy and ask that they be infused with positive healing energy.

If you are a  Reiki Practitioner you can hold the crystals and infuse them with Reiki Healing Energy after they have been cleansed or channel Reiki healing energy into the crystal to cleanse it.

You can also clean the healing crystals by passing them through the smoke from a sage smudge stick. You can get the essence of sage smudge sticks in a spray which stop you having to burn a sage stick, this is good if your other half like mine has asthma. Last time I burnt and wafted my sage stick around his breathing was really affected.

Sage smudge stick

You can also leave them on the ground on Mother Earth to cleanse by moonlight.

It is important to cleanse the healing crystals after every use to get rid of any negative energy they may have absorbed.


Healing stones and crystals.

Whether you refer to them as ‘healing stones’ or ‘healing crystals’ the best rule of thumb is to keep it simple at first until your knowledge grows. If in doubt buy clear quartz crystals, this stone is extremely versatile.

You could research which crystal is best for the Client’s needs or your needs if buying for yourself. There is always several crystals to choose from for most ailments or upsets, this is where your gut instinct comes into play or you can ask for ‘Divine guidance’ to make the right choice.

Always get permission to place the healing crystals or stones on the Client if this is your preferred method of use, it also needs to feel right for the Client.

Lastly don’t be afraid to experiment with crystals, as long as you are using them for the ‘highest good’ of the Client or yourself you can’t wrong.


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