Connected to the Angels. Do Angels help us?

Connected to the Angels, do Angels help us?

This post is more personal than previous posts because it’s about Angels and why I personally in a Reiki session find myself asking the angels for help. But do Angels really help us?

Seven years ago when I was receiving chemo and was laying in a hospital bed attached by wires to syringe drivers with tubes in my stomach and my arm, I had an Angel experience. One that changed my perspective on life and whether we are really alone.

Angel wing


I have to add here that I am not an overly religious person in fact I am a lapsed Catholic. Though I do pray to God and thank him every day for all the positives in my life, it is important to be grateful. But on this day after a painful spinal procedure I felt down in the dumps, I looked down at my white wool blanket covering me. It was no longer a wool blanket but a huge Angel wing, the feathers were amazing in detail and each tucked in behind the one in front. Someone called my name and when I looked back it was gone and merely a wool blanket again !!! But I felt so at peace, I knew that I would be okay and win this cancer battle !!!!

Also around this time I had many things that kept popping up that were related to Archangel Michael and how he gives us strength in our time of need, plus I kept doing Angel Card readings and his card kept reappearing. Like a lot of people I started to think I was imagining it. On my second leave from hospital I was in the park listening to a recording from Doreen Virtue about how you know who your Guardian Angel is and she suggested if you just stopped and listened it would come to you. I stopped the recording and took out my earphones and as I did a little boy ran past me after another little boy shouting “Michael, Michael”. I couldn’t believe it, there was the confirmation I wanted and needed.

Archangel Michael slaying a demon

Angels in hospitals.

After my Angel experience I went back to my Nursing job in a hospital. I spoke to a Lady Reverend about my experience, she told me about a Consultant who went to see a dying woman in the hospital and she saw two hazy shadow figures around her bed. The dying lady noticed the Consultant looking at the sides of her bed and said “Oh that’s Michael and Gabriel, they are always here”. This wasn’t the only Angel story she said she had been told, apparently Angels are in abundance in hospitals.


The more people I speak to about these occurrences the more people I find that have had similar experiences. Some of my fellow Reiki Practitioners say that they too have not only had experiences of this kind but also call upon the Angels in their sessions to help. We know that we only channel the healing energy we don’t produce it, I find thinking of God and his Angels as the source of this healing quite comforting.

Calling Angels for help, Reiki and Angels.

I wondered how many other Reiki Practitioners call upon the Angels to help when they undertake their Reiki sessions? I am a Rahanni Celestial Healer Practitioner as well as a Reiki Practitioner, I trained in that before I did my Reiki training. Maybe this is why I feel asking them to take part is a normal part of my channelling energy process.

I feel it means I give the recognition of this healing energy  to a source separate from me, a source that is connected and part of Divinity. I am acknowledging that I am merely a funnel that channels the healing energy, the Angels know where the energy is needed most  for the Client’s highest good.


Can Angels Help me?

If you aren’t Spiritually minded then a post asking about calling on the Angels may seem weird or a bit woo-woo! However if you have a Client who does believe in Angels this could be something you could try for their benefit. It’s also good to know in case you do get a Client who is Spiritually minded who may be struggling with life and wants to know ‘can Angels help me’?.

My fiancé does not believe in God or Angels, but when I gave him his very first Rahanni Celestial Healing session he had a Spiritual experience. At the end of the session as well as discussing how very hot my hands were and how his brain seemed to fizz in his skull !! He asked me “why did you hold my right elbow and wrist but not my left”. I had only worked on his head, shoulders, trunk, knees and feet. He had experienced an extra pair of hands, hands that weren’t mine !!

I interestingly asked him since he didn’t believe in God or the Angels how did he explain the feeling of hands on his wrist and elbow that weren’t mine and no other human was present? He answered “I can’t it’s to do with all that weird Angel stuff you like. I can’t explain the weird stuff that happens to you”!!.

Angels are here for us.

I truly believe that the angels are here for us, we just need to call upon them for help. My fiancé will ask for Energy Healing when he gets arthritic pain, when asked he can’t explain where the heat source originates because he doesn’t believe in God or any other Divinity. All he knows is that I get this heat from somewhere and it gets rid of his aches and pains. What I tell him is this “You do not need to believe in the Angels or God because they believe in you”.

The Source, Divinity, Universal Energy

I also believe that God and the Angels are assisting, I am the one asking for the help on his behalf. As Reiki Practitioners we are advocates for the Client, we are the ones that believe and ask for the healing they require for their highest good.

Not everyone’s cup of tea.

Not everyone believes in God, Divinity or Angels, it is a matter of preference of the Practitioner and the Client. It will mostly be a subject that doesn’t come up in sessions. To me though God and Angels are important, I never want to be a Healer that comes from a place of my ego. I know that I merely channel the energy I am not the source of it, therefore what is the real source of this energy?

Whether you see it as Universal Energy, the Life Force energy or the Source, is it any more farfetched than being from Angelic assistance?

Please let me know your thoughts on this, where do you think the Reiki energy comes from?

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