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Product:7 Chakra Rough Rock Crystals & 1 Clear Quartz Point Wand 
Price: £16.59
Places to
Size of package: 5 x 4.6 x 3.8 cm    
Weight: 200g
My rating: 9/10


Chakra crystal set and wand overview:

I love to buy new crystals, I must admit I use to buy the polished ones until I went to Scotland and found some rough crystals on the beach. It always comes down to choice but now I like a mixture of both rough and smooth crystals. These crystals in the unpolished state have so much more texture and character. I like to think they are as natural state as possible ,and these fit the bill.

The crystals you will receive: red jasper, red aventurine, topaz, green aventurine, sodalite, amethyst and clear quartz.

Uses: when the crystals are placed on the chakra points they clear the negative energy in the chakra. Overall they get the body’s energy/chi moving, thus helping relief of tension and aids relaxation. The crystal wand’s blunt end draws out negative energy from the body and the pointed end will put positive energy back into the body.

Rating: 9/10  I have rated these highly for the pure enjoyment of the rough natural state and feel of the crystals, but also having the addition of a crystals wand too in the kit. If you have read my post on crystals you know that this wand is handy for the removal of negative energy and the inserting of positive energy. The fact that they have included it in the set makes it money well spent after all now you don’t have to buy a separate wand!

Pros:   It's a nice little set and at 200g it's not too heavy to place on your chakra's or the client's chakras to clear them of negative or stuck energy.
Ideal for use by vibrational healers, Reiki therapists and other energy workers.
Money saving kit, you don't have to buy the wand separately.

Cons: Some people don't like rough crystals, they prefer a finished polish look and feel.
They could be bigger.
Rough crystals tend to be dusty before they are cleansed.

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Product: 7 Polished Oval Engraved Stones 
Price: £12.89
Places to buy:
Size of package:3.5*2.8*1.2
My rating:8/10


Polished Oval Engraved Chakra Stones Overview:

These lovely crystals have the chakra symbols etched on them, this means you slowly get use to and remember the chakra symbols by frequently using them. They are polished so are very smooth, as they are flat they do sit and stay better on your chakra points when being used to cleanse chakra points. They will be ideal to place on the Client, I find with my set they stay put generally due to being flat as long as the Client doesn’t jiggle too much. I cleansed my set then infused them with Reiki energy.

The crystals you will receive: Amethyst(Crown Chakra),Clear Crystal(Third-eye Chakra),Lapis Lazuli(Throat Chakra),Green Aventurine (Heart Chakra),Yellow Aventurine(Solar Plexus),Carnelian(Sacral Chakra),Red Jasper(Root Chakra).

Uses: to clear out stagnant or stuck energy in the chakras, enabling the chi to flow freely, aiding self-healing through relaxation.

Rating 8/10 I rate these quite high as I like the fact they are flat and stay put. They are smooth and do feel great when you rub them in the palm of your hand. They are colour co0ordinated to the chakra colours, there are charts too for you wall matching these.

Though you can just use them as normal crystal and place them where you feel they are needed and not on the matching chakra point.

Pros: Flat enough to stay on the chakra points.
They are coloured co-ordinated to the chakra points.
They have the chakra symbols on them.

Cons:Feedback suggests with some of the sets the orange and red look the same. 
It would be good if they were a bit bigger.

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Product: 7 Rough Chakra Crystals & Quartz Pendulum
Price: £13.99                                          
Places to buy:        
Size of package:10.4 x 7.4 x 5.4 cm 
My rating:9/10

Rough Chakra Crystals and Quartz Pendulum Overview:

I love to save money and if I can buy things in sets then I tend to go for it. This has the lovely rough crystal rocks, so they are in their natural state. Also and added bonus of a quartz pendulum, these are so flipping handy for dowsing or asking which areas of the Client’s body needs extra work. I use mine with my cards readings, once you establish your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ you can ask closed question. As with all crystals they will need to be cleansed, see my post on crystals for advice on this.

The crystals you will receive: red jasper,red aventurine,topaz,green aventurine,sodalite,amethyst,clear quartz. 

Uses: these chakra crystals as mentioned above help clear the stagnant or stuck energy out of the chakras.  These crystals have a vibrational energy that is useful to energy workers and Reiki therapists. 

Rating: 9/10 just because it’s a set with the chakra stones and a pendulum. I paid £10 just for my pendulum!  It love the rough feel of the crystals, I am a texture person so this is important to me.  The pendulum also have the chakra bead running up the chain, it’s a beautiful yet functional pendulum.

Pros:You get the rough chakra crystals and a pendulum so it's cost effective.
The pendulum has the chakra beads running up it so it has the crystal energy's of these crystals as well as the quartz.
Cons:Not everyone likes rough crystals, they can be a little dusty until cleansed.
They could maybe do with being a bit bigger.

There are chakra posters available for treatment room walls. It’s good for Clients’ to visually see the chakra colours and where the chakras are.

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