What is Reiki ?

What is Reiki healing?

Reiki energy channelled for healing
Reiki energy channelled for healing



Often people hear the terms ‘Reiki treatment’ or ‘Reiki healing’ and to the uninitiated it can sound like an alien concept. Reiki is natural healing; it is a form of hands on healing. The concept of hands-on-healing (also known as Energy or Spiritual healing) has been around for centuries, it has been celebrated in many cultures such as Christianity with Christ’s ability to heal using the ‘laying-on-of-hands’ and it is also mentioned in Greek mythology.

Reiki healing with 3 Practitioners
Reiki healing with 3 Practitioners

What is Reiki energy healing- what is Reiki used for?

Chinese meridians, energy highways
Chinese meridians, energy highways

Utilising energy is used in many ancient healing modalities, Chinese tradition uses the meridian system which is a pathway through which the life-energy known as “qi” flows. Hindus and Buddhists speak of chakras as ‘energy centres’ within the body. All denote the importance of this energy flowing freely to prevent stagnation which leads to ill health. Reiki also utilises energy through hands-on healing , this “universal energy” is channelled into the Client to encourage emotional and physical healing.

Reiki is Spiritual Healing though it has no religious bias, the founder was a Japanese Buddhist Monk Mikao Usui. Originally, he taught it as a self-healing and spiritual development tool for his students, only later did it become a way of treating others. The benefits of a Reiki treatment include stress reduction, relaxation, resilience, serenity and this calmness then allows the body’s natural self-healing processes to take place.

What is a Reiki treatment?

When you turn up for a Reiki treatment, you go in comfortable clothes the same as you would for meditation. In many ways the treatment is like a 40-60-minute meditation session. If this is your first visit the Reiki Practitioner should give you forms to fill-in to make sure you are fit and well. It will be similar forms you fill in when you have a massage. Your Practitioner may ask how you are feeling or how your week has been, all Practitioners have their own way of working.

Some Reiki Practitioners may ask where your aches and pain are, others won’t as they know intuitively where these hotspots are. However, it is best to note that even if e.g. they don’t touch your bad right knee the Reiki healing energy will go where it is needed anyway, it is a very intuitive healing energy.

For the reiki treatment you can lie down on the massage couch, you can have a blanket and you just chill out. The lighting in the therapy room will be soft, soothing music will be playing. Most reiki Practitioners will start at your head and you may feel their hands on your head or hovering above. It is your choice if you wish to be touched or not.

Often you will know whether the Reiki Practitioners hands are due to a feeling of gentle heat or immense heat. This is the energy flowing and as humans the best way we can describe this feeling is as heat, but it is the flow of the energy. Other sensations are very individual, though most people say it is extremely relaxing and they often sleep through a lot of the treatment.

After the treatment you will sit up until you feel steady and more grounded and will be given water to drink, it is important after a treatment to stay hydrated. Some people feel the effects immediately for others it can take days, the effect of which can go on for weeks.

What is Reiki used for?

Reiki is a complimentary therapy and is used in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic advice. However, Reiki is more of a Holistic practice as it treats the whole person, the body, mind and soul, the benefits of which are relaxation and inner peace. Only once a person can de-stress and leave the ‘flight-or-fight’ mode can the body start to heal itself. When we are in the ‘fight-or-flight’ mode a lot of the body’s natural healing processes in the body are switched off as energy is diverted e.g. to our legs and muscles to help us fight or run (flight). Body systems such as the immune system closes leaving us open to infections and disease.


Holistic: heart, mind, body and soul.


In a nutshell if I had to answer, ‘how does Reiki healing work’? I would say that the Reiki Energy Healers channel positive healing energy into the Client’s body that relaxes them, this positive healing energy help balance the meridians/chakras and the body’s energy can flow naturally, this free-flowing energy facilitates the patient’s own natural ability to selfheal. Every human being has an innate ability to self-heal, sometimes we just need a little help to remind the body of this. It reconnects the heart, mind, body and soul to help them work in harmony.

Can anyone learn Reiki?

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and it can be learnt by anyone no matter what education you have previously had or what your religious beliefs are. As Mikao Usui the founder of Reiki was a Buddhist monk it is best to adhere to the characteristics of his teachings that of acting in a way that promotes harmony with others if you wish to practice Reiki. With this in mind if you have the calling to help people and you want to live in a more peaceful environment then Reiki could be for you.

It is important to make sure you train with an appropriately certificated Reiki Master. They will attune you to Reiki in person and you can receive top-ups of this energy weekly, learning Reiki can improve your own health and enhance your quality of your life.

Learning Reiki has the added bonus of learning to self-heal and meditate. Afterall we can’t help others if we ourselves need healing!! Content goes here.

Does Reiki Healing really work?

Reiki emerged in Japan in the late 1800’s and is still going strong today, with more hospitals, clinics and hospices using the services of Reiki Practitioners. Many workplaces are now doing Health and Well-being days with massage therapist and reiki Practitioners helping alleviate work stress.

Taking into account ancient health practices that utilise the energy channels or using science/physics that states that all things are made up of energy can we truly disprove a therapy that channels energy?

Reiki is a ‘complimentary therapy’ that works alongside conventional medicine. Though it takes a much more Holistic approach to the Client’s needs, it channels this ‘life energy’ or ‘chi’ which helps align the body, mind and spirit. The Client agrees for this energy to be transferred; this energy then aids the body’s natural ability to selfheal is the healing therefore not self-healing anyway?

All healing is self-healing, sometimes we just need a little help to remind our bodies that they have this innate ability to heal. Sometimes we need a respite from the busy lives we lead and permission to stop, rest and relax. Reiki treatments give this respite and then the resources (Reiki healing energy) to help our bodies get back to an equilibrium.

In the end though the best way to know ‘does Reiki healing really work?’ is to experience it for yourself. Reiki Practitioners generally are very caring people who genuinely enjoy helping heal people.

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