Chakra crystals review – the holistic energy source


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Product:7 Chakra Rough Rock Crystals & 1 Clear Quartz Point Wand 
Price: £16.59
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Size of package: 5 x 4.6 x 3.8 cm    
Weight: 200g
My rating: 9/10


Chakra crystal set and wand overview:

I love to buy new crystals, I must admit I use to buy the polished ones until I went to Scotland and found some rough crystals on the beach. It always comes down to choice but now I like a mixture of both rough and smooth crystals. These crystals in the unpolished state have so much more texture and character. I like to think they are as natural state as possible ,and these fit the bill.

The crystals you will receive: red jasper, red aventurine, topaz, green aventurine, sodalite, amethyst and clear quartz.

Uses: when the crystals are placed on the chakra points they clear the negative energy in the chakra. Overall they get the body’s energy/chi moving, thus helping relief of tension and aids relaxation. The crystal wand’s blunt end draws out negative energy from the body and the pointed end will put positive energy back into the body.

Rating: 9/10  I have rated these highly for the pure enjoyment of the rough natural state and feel of the crystals, but also having the addition of a crystals wand too in the kit. If you have read my post on crystals you know that this wand is handy for the removal of negative energy and the inserting of positive energy. The fact that they have included it in the set makes it money well spent after all now you don’t have to buy a separate wand!

Pros:   It's a nice little set and at 200g it's not too heavy to place on your chakra's or the client's chakras to clear them of negative or stuck energy.
Ideal for use by vibrational healers, Reiki therapists and other energy workers.
Money saving kit, you don't have to buy the wand separately.

Cons: Some people don't like rough crystals, they prefer a finished polish look and feel.
They could be bigger.
Rough crystals tend to be dusty before they are cleansed.

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Product: 7 Polished Oval Engraved Stones 
Price: £12.89
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Size of package:3.5*2.8*1.2
My rating:8/10


Polished Oval Engraved Chakra Stones Overview:

These lovely crystals have the chakra symbols etched on them, this means you slowly get use to and remember the chakra symbols by frequently using them. They are polished so are very smooth, as they are flat they do sit and stay better on your chakra points when being used to cleanse chakra points. They will be ideal to place on the Client, I find with my set they stay put generally due to being flat as long as the Client doesn’t jiggle too much. I cleansed my set then infused them with Reiki energy.

The crystals you will receive: Amethyst(Crown Chakra),Clear Crystal(Third-eye Chakra),Lapis Lazuli(Throat Chakra),Green Aventurine (Heart Chakra),Yellow Aventurine(Solar Plexus),Carnelian(Sacral Chakra),Red Jasper(Root Chakra).

Uses: to clear out stagnant or stuck energy in the chakras, enabling the chi to flow freely, aiding self-healing through relaxation.

Rating 8/10 I rate these quite high as I like the fact they are flat and stay put. They are smooth and do feel great when you rub them in the palm of your hand. They are colour co0ordinated to the chakra colours, there are charts too for you wall matching these.

Though you can just use them as normal crystal and place them where you feel they are needed and not on the matching chakra point.

Pros: Flat enough to stay on the chakra points.
They are coloured co-ordinated to the chakra points.
They have the chakra symbols on them.

Cons:Feedback suggests with some of the sets the orange and red look the same. 
It would be good if they were a bit bigger.

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Product: 7 Rough Chakra Crystals & Quartz Pendulum
Price: £13.99                                          
Places to buy:        
Size of package:10.4 x 7.4 x 5.4 cm 
My rating:9/10

Rough Chakra Crystals and Quartz Pendulum Overview:

I love to save money and if I can buy things in sets then I tend to go for it. This has the lovely rough crystal rocks, so they are in their natural state. Also and added bonus of a quartz pendulum, these are so flipping handy for dowsing or asking which areas of the Client’s body needs extra work. I use mine with my cards readings, once you establish your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ you can ask closed question. As with all crystals they will need to be cleansed, see my post on crystals for advice on this.

The crystals you will receive: red jasper,red aventurine,topaz,green aventurine,sodalite,amethyst,clear quartz. 

Uses: these chakra crystals as mentioned above help clear the stagnant or stuck energy out of the chakras.  These crystals have a vibrational energy that is useful to energy workers and Reiki therapists. 

Rating: 9/10 just because it’s a set with the chakra stones and a pendulum. I paid £10 just for my pendulum!  It love the rough feel of the crystals, I am a texture person so this is important to me.  The pendulum also have the chakra bead running up the chain, it’s a beautiful yet functional pendulum.

Pros:You get the rough chakra crystals and a pendulum so it's cost effective.
The pendulum has the chakra beads running up it so it has the crystal energy's of these crystals as well as the quartz.
Cons:Not everyone likes rough crystals, they can be a little dusty until cleansed.
They could maybe do with being a bit bigger.

There are chakra posters available for treatment room walls. It’s good for Clients’ to visually see the chakra colours and where the chakras are.

Pyramid energy for healing: Pyramid in your healing space. This

Pyramid energy for healing: Pyramid in your healing space.

This is a post about using pyramid energy for healing and meditating for your own healing (for an extra energy boost). All the information I have collected about pyramids is merely that, I don’t claim that any of the theories are true or false.

My amethyst pyramid

I personally have a pyramid that is supposed to remove EMF (Electromagnetic fields: see below for clarification) from a room, it has amethyst crystals inside and an inscription on the outside. I always believe in buying and trying things out for myself. I was surprised to feel this little pyramid, it seemed to pulsate slightly in the palm of my hand. I thought a large pyramid would be a welcome addition to my treatment room.

An EMF is produced whenever a piece of electronic equipment is used e.g. t.v., computer and mobile phone to name a few, all of the things that most of us are exposed to on a daily basis. Exposure to high levels of EMFs can give rise to effects that may be irritating or unpleasant. It is thought that a large volume of magnetic concentration exists in the pyramid boundaries which helps protects us from the adverse effects of negative energies. Whether this is true or not I can’t prove either way. However this is why people feel they or their Clients benefit from having a pyramid at home or in the treatment room.

Energy in the pyramid: a brief history of theories.

Most people, when pyramids are mentioned think of them as a place where Egyptian Royalty were buried with their staff and pets. However many dispute this idea, as no inscriptions of any kind are to be found in the corridors of the Great Pyramid which suggests whether they were more a functional building or mausoleum.

Pyramid of Djoser

The idea and theory that the pyramid shape is to do with generating positive energy is not a new one. There is a theory that the energy in the pyramid (the Great Pyramid) was to do with Moses and the ‘Ark of the Covenant’, this being the energy superconductor. Moses was adopted by Pharaoh and during his training he would have been privy to all the secrets teachings and knowledge of Egyptian use of energy.

Other theories suggest that Aliens visited Earth and gave us this knowledge to advance mankind. This they feel is the only answer to these ancient structures built thousands of years ago, after all how could primitive man have built such architectural wonders, that still remain standing today?

The power of the pyramid is in its shape.

The pyramid shape is part of Sacred Geometry as the Egyptians built the pyramids following the geometries of the human body. Sacred geometry is ‘God’s architecture’, these shapes transmit frequencies of energy. Sacred Geometry is the legitimate path of enlightenment twinning both science/mathematics and the soul.

As a Holistic practitioner I am fascinated by Sacred Geometry and the Great Pyramid is an example of sacred geometry, due to its four sides aligned precisely with the four cardinal points on a compass. A pyramid is a polyhedron formed by connecting a polygonal base and a point, called the apex. The pyramid’s shape focuses the earth’s magnetism, which amplifies the positive energy it attracts. This energy is believed to be life force source energy.

The uses of energy from a pyramid in a treatment room.

But how can these little pyramid beauties aid in a treatment, well they are alleged to have so many fabulous qualities. Have one in your treatment room as the energy from a pyramid is believed to have many powerful uses and healing qualities including purifying water, preserving food, promote healing from cuts/bruises/burns, reduce pain and helps clarify thoughts.

Having a pyramid in the treatment room will draw in negative energy and expel positive energy. Also available are pyramid chakra crystals which can be placed on the chakra points of your Client to help purify the chakra or help heal, you can infuse these with Reiki before use.

The use of a pyramid in a treatment room in a nutshell is to clean the energy within the room and to utilise the pyramids healing energy.

There are also pyramids that you can put things inside, these pyramids claim to be good for purifying water and recharging crystals.

Pyramid energy tent for intense meditation.

Many people have found the energy inside a meditating pyramid tent to be quite intense. Many have found the pyramid energy quite powerful which unnerved them but others have felt it to be an exhilarating and exciting new way of meditating. The energy within these tents can leave some people feeling that they were swirling or moving. It is thought to aid meditative practices and help you feel more focused and make the experience more intense.

The mediation pyramids come in a different variety some are tents, some just a frame or as a solid wooden structure. They can be used inside or outside.

Sometimes I just hold my pyramid in my cupped hands while I meditate and use it’s image as a focus for my mind. There are some for sale with the Reiki symbols etched on them so you can call on the Earth or Heaven Ki before you start meditating.

The energy from a pyramid is subjective.


I would say that the energy from a pyramid is a subjective thing, I say that as I undertook a little experiment of my own. When I bought a EMF reduction pyramid, I took the pyramid out of the packet and it felt tingly in my hand. I was amazed by this so I gave it to Matt my fiancé, he is not a believer of anything Spiritual and he said it felt fizzy in his hand!!! The next day I took it to a group of peers at work, 50% felt ‘something weird’ from the pyramid and 50% felt nothing .

Try for yourselves and see what you feel.

Pyramids are and still remain a mystery, but if it gets people trying to feel the energy and being present and Mindful this not a bad result in itself. It’s exciting to think that this is possibly something more than a shape, it makes us think of something far more powerful than us mere humans. Though as always I personally like to try things out for myself and see what I experience.

As discussed above because the results obtained from pyramids is very subjective and is best tried for yourself to decide . Whether you feel Aliens helped mankind find this shape and it’s qualities to help us progress or whether it is all nonsense. I know what I felt and what my doubting other half states he felt. I personally like to have my pyramid in my home and treatment room, picking it up and feeling it pulse every now and again.
I enjoy trying new things at home and in my treatment room, there are so many more things to this beautiful Universe than just tangible objects. As a Reiki Practitioner I believe in an energy source outside of myself so why not pyramid energy?

Connected to the Angels. Do Angels help us?

Connected to the Angels, do Angels help us?

This post is more personal than previous posts because it’s about Angels and why I personally in a Reiki session find myself asking the angels for help. But do Angels really help us?

Seven years ago when I was receiving chemo and was laying in a hospital bed attached by wires to syringe drivers with tubes in my stomach and my arm, I had an Angel experience. One that changed my perspective on life and whether we are really alone.

Angel wing


I have to add here that I am not an overly religious person in fact I am a lapsed Catholic. Though I do pray to God and thank him every day for all the positives in my life, it is important to be grateful. But on this day after a painful spinal procedure I felt down in the dumps, I looked down at my white wool blanket covering me. It was no longer a wool blanket but a huge Angel wing, the feathers were amazing in detail and each tucked in behind the one in front. Someone called my name and when I looked back it was gone and merely a wool blanket again !!! But I felt so at peace, I knew that I would be okay and win this cancer battle !!!!

Also around this time I had many things that kept popping up that were related to Archangel Michael and how he gives us strength in our time of need, plus I kept doing Angel Card readings and his card kept reappearing. Like a lot of people I started to think I was imagining it. On my second leave from hospital I was in the park listening to a recording from Doreen Virtue about how you know who your Guardian Angel is and she suggested if you just stopped and listened it would come to you. I stopped the recording and took out my earphones and as I did a little boy ran past me after another little boy shouting “Michael, Michael”. I couldn’t believe it, there was the confirmation I wanted and needed.

Archangel Michael slaying a demon

Angels in hospitals.

After my Angel experience I went back to my Nursing job in a hospital. I spoke to a Lady Reverend about my experience, she told me about a Consultant who went to see a dying woman in the hospital and she saw two hazy shadow figures around her bed. The dying lady noticed the Consultant looking at the sides of her bed and said “Oh that’s Michael and Gabriel, they are always here”. This wasn’t the only Angel story she said she had been told, apparently Angels are in abundance in hospitals.


The more people I speak to about these occurrences the more people I find that have had similar experiences. Some of my fellow Reiki Practitioners say that they too have not only had experiences of this kind but also call upon the Angels in their sessions to help. We know that we only channel the healing energy we don’t produce it, I find thinking of God and his Angels as the source of this healing quite comforting.

Calling Angels for help, Reiki and Angels.

I wondered how many other Reiki Practitioners call upon the Angels to help when they undertake their Reiki sessions? I am a Rahanni Celestial Healer Practitioner as well as a Reiki Practitioner, I trained in that before I did my Reiki training. Maybe this is why I feel asking them to take part is a normal part of my channelling energy process.

I feel it means I give the recognition of this healing energy  to a source separate from me, a source that is connected and part of Divinity. I am acknowledging that I am merely a funnel that channels the healing energy, the Angels know where the energy is needed most  for the Client’s highest good.


Can Angels Help me?

If you aren’t Spiritually minded then a post asking about calling on the Angels may seem weird or a bit woo-woo! However if you have a Client who does believe in Angels this could be something you could try for their benefit. It’s also good to know in case you do get a Client who is Spiritually minded who may be struggling with life and wants to know ‘can Angels help me’?.

My fiancé does not believe in God or Angels, but when I gave him his very first Rahanni Celestial Healing session he had a Spiritual experience. At the end of the session as well as discussing how very hot my hands were and how his brain seemed to fizz in his skull !! He asked me “why did you hold my right elbow and wrist but not my left”. I had only worked on his head, shoulders, trunk, knees and feet. He had experienced an extra pair of hands, hands that weren’t mine !!

I interestingly asked him since he didn’t believe in God or the Angels how did he explain the feeling of hands on his wrist and elbow that weren’t mine and no other human was present? He answered “I can’t it’s to do with all that weird Angel stuff you like. I can’t explain the weird stuff that happens to you”!!.

Angels are here for us.

I truly believe that the angels are here for us, we just need to call upon them for help. My fiancé will ask for Energy Healing when he gets arthritic pain, when asked he can’t explain where the heat source originates because he doesn’t believe in God or any other Divinity. All he knows is that I get this heat from somewhere and it gets rid of his aches and pains. What I tell him is this “You do not need to believe in the Angels or God because they believe in you”.

The Source, Divinity, Universal Energy

I also believe that God and the Angels are assisting, I am the one asking for the help on his behalf. As Reiki Practitioners we are advocates for the Client, we are the ones that believe and ask for the healing they require for their highest good.

Not everyone’s cup of tea.

Not everyone believes in God, Divinity or Angels, it is a matter of preference of the Practitioner and the Client. It will mostly be a subject that doesn’t come up in sessions. To me though God and Angels are important, I never want to be a Healer that comes from a place of my ego. I know that I merely channel the energy I am not the source of it, therefore what is the real source of this energy?

Whether you see it as Universal Energy, the Life Force energy or the Source, is it any more farfetched than being from Angelic assistance?

Please let me know your thoughts on this, where do you think the Reiki energy comes from?

Reduce stress and anxiety naturally part 2.

Natural ways to relieve stress and anxiety, many of which are free.

I had to do a part two to finding natural ways to relieve stress and anxiety because there are many more things one can do to help counteract the stress and hassle of daily life. Also, I was aware that not everyone has access to countryside or parks. This time I have mixed in some ideas for those near natural open space and those that aren’t, also not all the ideas are completely free though most of them are.

Ways to destress yourself and have fun.

Activities need to be fun

Finding a way to destress yourself must have an element of fun or enjoyment or you just won’t want to repeat them. There are lots of quick ways to destress that you can involve family and friends, so you are spending more quality time with them and hopefully they decompress too. When we get stressed, we can often shut those that mean the most to us out of our life.

Quick ways to destress, be a kid again.

Most of us though not all can look back at our childhood and have some fond memories. Such as jumping in puddles or running through piles of leaves, these were simple free activities, but we revelled in the simple fun stuff back then. That’s what we need to embrace again when finding fun ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Bear with me I am not suggesting you put on your wellies and jump in a large puddle, not unless you want to!!!! Though why not?????

Jump and be free !!!

Here are some of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety:

1). Paddling in water or puddle jumping.

Yes, I did need to start where I left off, if you have a small child or nephew/niece then yes on a rainy-day puddle jumping can be fun. It also looks less weird if you have a child with you. It can actually give you that feeling of freedom acting like a kid again and doing kids’ stuff!!!

Paddling with family
Paddling alone at sunset


Paddling, be it in the sea, brook or river just roll up your trousers and take those shoes off. Not only do you have a chance to ground yourself, but you get the lovely cool water lapping at your feet. Feel free to splosh around!!!





2). Riding a bike.

Get your bike out and go riding in the countryside or anywhere you will be safe. If you don’t have a bike ask around many people have them and don’t use them. I got my bike when my Siter-in-Law cleared out her garage and wasn’t using it. My partner changed the seat height and pumped up the tires and away we went. I hadn’t ridden for 25 years!!! I had the most fun ever!!

Riding in the park

I felt like  a kid again when I use to spend my summer evenings and weekends on my bike with the neighbourhood kids. Like so many of my generation we use to cycle everywhere and disappear for hours on end on our bikes. This is the exact feeling I got, peddling like crazy and then freewheeling!!! I felt free like a bird or maybe just as free as a kid again!

I did pay for it the next few days as my thighs and bottom were aching like crazy, but it didn’t stop me. We got the cycling bug and our routine became cycling  to the town centre in the evening and either a rest by the river or the pub.

3). Picnics or eating Alfresco (outside).

This is something you can do at work, instead of eating at your desk in-between typing and answering phone calls. Take your lunch outside, go to the park or a find patch of grass under a tree. Just get away from your desk.

Eating waffles for breakfast outside

At the weekend pack a picnic, some sandwiches and fruit and head to the park, river or beach. You could even ride your bike there or walk. Just get outside and out of your normal routine, find a tree or patch of beach and eat your sandwiches there.

Family picnic



In the evenings after work when you make your evening meal if it is not cold outside, take your dinner outside and eat it. It’s nicer to eat outside than sit in front of the t.v.  or stare at a wall. If you have a dog or cat, they will enjoy you being outside with them too. I don’t know why but food tastes better outside in the fresh air.

I still remember my mum making us homemade fish and chips which she put on the local newspaper as a wrapper, we sat outside on a picnic blanket and ate them in our backyard. It’s a fond memory that I recall from over 30 years ago.

4.) Colouring books.

My colouring book and pencils

Whether you prefer crayons, felt tips or coloured pencils it doesn’t matter just colour!! Again, it is one of those activities you did as a kid and forgot what enjoyment it brings. It’s funny how all the things you did as a kid come back to you like staying inside the lines, choosing appropriate colours for the different items. If you are colouring with a child, they will pull you up if you get these things wrong. But it is such a relaxing activity which your children will love sharing with you.

5). Sky gazing and shape making.

Just lay on a blanket on the ground or a sun lounger and stare at the sky, seeing what shapes or faces you can see in the clouds. The sky is often so beautiful, and we are too busy to enjoy the natural stuff that surrounds us, just taking time to stop, lay down, rest and enjoy its beauty.

My Friend’s seahorse in the sky


I have spoken to people who have seen certain actors and even Jesus in the clouds. Just last Friday my friend sent me a cloud picture which she thought looked like a seahorse, which is crazy because it is obviously ‘an angel’ 🙂

It’s a fun free game that gets your mind focusing on other things other than your main source of stress.

6). Jigsaws.

If you have kids you probably already have jigsaws in your home, if not just ask friends and family if you can borrow some. You can pick them up from charity/goodwill shops for a small donation if you don’t know anyone who has them. Again, do this activity with friends and family, kids enjoy any activity in which you give them your time and attention.

Recently as my niece went to bed she said to me that I couldn’t go to bed until I had finished the outline of the jigsaw. So there was myself and three other adults up until 11.30 p.m. to get this done by the morning. Okay beer and wine were an addition that night, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. But a word of warning they can be so addictive, also it’s amusing how excited adults get when they find jigsaw pieces that fit together!!!

Jigsaw rule 101 do the edge first

Destress by doing childhood activities.

Though I know that we all didn’t have a fun or stress-free childhood. One of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety I have found is to be childlike again, join in with their activities. I have pretended to be a tree for my niece, I had to grow from under a blanket (the earth obviously) to a big oak tree in the space of 2 minutes. They have the imaginations to make stuff up that we can let ourselves get embroiled in and forget our worries and stress.

Men playing in children’s playground

There are so many free things we can do that just keeps us busy mentally, this distraction from worries and stress can help us see that there is so much more to life. Doing the fun stuff from our childhood gets our imagination going and we can feel those same moments of glee we had as a kid.

Whether we are colouring or doing a jigsaws, we can share our time with those we love the most, but we are also producing something at the end of it and forgetting our stresses for a little while at least.

A lot of these ideas will not only help you relax but they can mean so much to your friends and family. Things like bike rides, eating outside or picnics are memories you are making. Family and friends remember the stuff that you do together.

Reduce stress and anxiety naturally.

How to relax your mind and self-heal a little. 

As with all of my posts this is just my ideas and opinions. This post is about how to relax your mind  and utilise healthy free ways to relax and self-heal. This is important for everyone to do whether they are aware of it or not.  There are many free ways to help reduce stress and anxiety naturally that are easy to incorporate into our daily routines.

Stress is a killer!!
Stress stops our immune system from working

I know it’s a bit of an alarming title but it is a well researched and documented fact. When a person is under a lot of stress their body’s functions such as their immune system close down, diverting energy to their limbs for the ‘fight or flight’ response (Stress = adrenaline release = the ‘fight or flight’ response = eventually illness). This is why you go on holiday/vacation and you get sick, as you finally relax because your immune system is down due to all the stress you have been under you then catch a cold or flu etc.

The truth is there is a correlation between stress and many illnesses/diseases such as cancer, I am seven years in remission from Burkitt’s Lymphoma. I got cancer when I was a Community Nurse and I was shocked to find that ‘Nurses’ have a higher cancer rate than a lot other professions. Mostly I think because we are busy caring for others that we neglect ourselves as well as suffering stress due to lack of staff and resources.

This is why I think it is important that all Healers, Practitioners, Nurses, Mothers, Fathers, Carers etc, all those that have caring responsibilities take time to relax and self-heal. Also those that have a stressful job that they have to go to daily.

Reduce stress and anxiety naturally.

These are the ways I have found to help me relax and reduce my stress and anxiety:

1). Meditate to ease stress and anxiety

Meditate in nature or at home

Meditation at home or in nature is a great way to relax. I know it sounds like a cliché, how do you meditate if your mind won’t be quiet? You keep trying !!

I still do the Reiki meditations daily that I did when I was a Reiki student, I do  ‘hatsurei ho’ and the ‘symbol mediation’ as I still enjoy them. That is the best way to do it, you have to find a meditation that you like, one that resonates with you. There are plenty on Youtube, when you find one that you like try to do it every morning and evening, even if it’s just a 10 minute one. You can also purchase meditation packs and download them so you have them wherever you go, whether you have an internet signal or not.

If your mind begins to wander just notice the chatter and steer your mind back to listening to the guided meditation, I can honestly say it does get easier with practice. Please don’t be defeated if at first it doesn’t work, like anything it’s a matter of practice.

2. Go for a walk in nature or on the beach.

Going for a walk in nature or on the beach, any exercise can get you focusing on the physical task at hand rather than your worries. Doing this small thing is so underrated!! I am lucky I have the Great River Ouse and the countryside a three minute walk from my apartment.

There are other place to find peace and quiet, when I lived in London I use to go to the graveyard, because it had lots of grass and beautiful old trees. You may work or live near a park which you can use at lunchtime, or just walking around your garden at home.

A walk in nature

When you exercise your body releases endorphins, this is a natural chemical that is similar to morphine and its effects give a positive happy feeling. I think you also feel proud of yourself for getting out of your chair and exercising.

3. Ground yourself in nature. 

Find a patch of grass or sand ( if on the beach) and take off your shoes and socks and just ground yourself. Close your eyes and imagine roots coming from under your feet into the ground like huge tree roots that extend for a really long way, imagine anchoring them at the centre of the earth. If imagining things is not for you that’s fine just enjoy the feeling of the grass/sand under your feet, it is very therapeutic either way!! Try and spend at least ten minutes relaxing or longer if you need it.

Just be aware of your surroundings whether it’s the clouds in the sky, the trees moving around you or the sea coming in and out. Be Mindful of your surroundings, stay with the present and enjoy where you are.

In nature barefooted and grounding
Grounding myself on soft grass



4. Relax with music.

German research concluded that listening to music can be as effective for your health as mediating or exercise. Traditional Chinese medicine also saw a big relationship between our health and music in achieving self- healing. Listening to music and enjoying it releases dopamine which is a ‘feel good’ natural chemical our bodies produce, it also slows down our heart rate, breathing and pulse which aids relaxation.

Dancing like no one is watching

Everyone knows the music that uplifts them, it can be current chart music or a blast from the past e.g. eighties music. Music can remind us of happy events we have experienced. Dance around your house or apartment, dance like a Diva, feel free as no one is watching. Also sing your heart out!!! I often sing loudly to the radio to and from work and I quite often have a happy song stuck in my head for ages e.g. ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.

5. A relaxing bath.

Listen to your favourite music in the bath with lavender oil in the water, this time to yourself stimulates three of your senses (hearing, smell and touch). Lavender has great relaxing qualities, use candles and dim the lights too. Having ‘YOU TIME’ is very important in the relaxing process, it’s not selfish to be kind to yourself.

Alone time in the bath with lavender oil

6. Petting out furry friends.

Correlation between stroking and relaxing

Stroking our pets is not just enjoyable and relaxing for them but for us too, it again releases our endorphins and this gives us a feel good factor and relaxing qualities. I know I laugh every time I see my cat basically flake out in pure heaven as I stroke her from the top of her head to the tip of her ears!!! The louder she purrs the more relaxed I seemed to get.

7. Receive a Reiki healing. 

Whether you are a Reiki practitioner, interested in Reiki or just into relaxing why not treat yourself to a Reiki healing Session. If you just want a taster to see what it is all about then Spiritual churches quite often do free healing after the service. If you enjoy it you will then know a Reiki Practitioner to have a full length session with.

Healing in a Reiki share

There are also local Reiki share groups, it is a minimal fee e.g. £5-£10, this often includes meditation and then a Reiki healing. Depending on how many attend is how many people give you the healing. everyone takes turns laying down on the massage table and receiving Reiki healing from the group. Your local Reiki share groups  may have a slightly different format.



Receiving Reiki healing is often something that Reiki Practitioners neglect to do, I have several Practitioner friends and I go to them for healing periodically and they say that they really need to go and have Reiki too but never seem to have the time. We do listen to people’s problems and channel healing, but we are human and we need to also take time for ourselves and our equilibrium.

We need time to rest and regroup.

As Carers, Therapists, Practitioners or Parents we give so much of ourselves to work, family and friends. We can’t sustain continually  giving unless we take time to relax and recharge. It is hard for people with a caring mentality to think of themselves as it can feel selfish. But actually we do need to be selfish and think of our own needs and health to keep on an even keel so we can keep giving.

Our Mental health bucket

We all have a mental health bucket that gets filled daily with stress, issues and problems. What we need to be mindful of is not letting it get to a level that is no long sustainable..….the overflowing stage. For us to keep giving we need to take time to self-heal and relax, to empty our stress bucket a little or a lot!!! We need to fortify ourselves for the next person who needs us.

Please feel free to leave ideas of how you like to relax?

Reiki and stimulated senses.

Reiki energy and the human 5 senses.

Reiki is unknown by the majority of the human 5 senses as it is dealing with healing energy from the Divinity, energy that most people can’t see, hear, taste or smell. Though they can often ‘feel’ the energy and it is translated by the human brain into a sensation of heat. This positive healing energy can be heightened for the Client by involving the senses. I have omitted the sense of taste as we do not feed our Clients.

3 Wise Owls blocking their senses (See, hear and speak no evil)

The brain and the five senses.

I just thought I would do a quick thought provoking post about other factors that come into play when we help someone. Using these processes can be as equally beneficial to the Practitioner as well as the Client, keeping in mind that we too have ‘the brain and five senses’ connection.

We are constantly making memories or decisions based on our 5 senses, this is how we make sense of the world around us and how we keep safe e.g. if something feels hot we don’t hold it or if something tastes bitter or rancid we will usually spit it out.

Below are some ideas and it maybe instinctively something that you already incorporate into your Practice or you may read something today that you could add to your healing sessions to make it more meaningful for the Client.

Benefits of sounds for healing.

The right music or nature sounds can be healing for the Client. Sound is such a valuable therapeutic tool for balancing and healing. How do we decide what is best for the Client? We don’t, I think the best sounds for healing are what the Client responds to so why not ask the Client what they prefer e.g. sea/waves, the countryside, crystal bowls or flute music etc. I say this because I have had a few healing session that have woken me from a nice deep relaxation to the sound of a groaning whale, when I much prefer the sound of waves (the beach being my happy place).

Beach aka my happy place
My happy place

All Clients are individual and you want to make it a therapeutic atmosphere in the treatment room, it can be the difference between the Client relaxing, releasing pleasure-producing chemicals and being mentally in their ‘happy place’ OR them feeling annoyed and releasing adrenaline ( a stress hormone).

Though we don’t have control over outside noises e.g. workmen digging up the highway. If working from our home we do have more control over noise pollution within the building. If working from home discussing with family members how important it is that it is quiet and peaceful when you have a Client may be appropriate. Signage to remind people of this is useful, such as a ‘Therapy in progress. Please be quiet’ sign attached to the front-door or therapy room door.

Asking for feedback from Clients periodically is essential, use this to ask about anything that prevented them from relaxing. If unwanted noise was an issue you can limit it as much as is feasibly possible. I stopped seeing an Energy Healer because her treatment room was above her stairs and every session her teenage daughter come home slamming doors, running up and down the upstairs and rummaging in her bedroom. This often ruined my relaxation and I found myself waiting each time for her to stop rummaging and to run downstairs again. It’s good to remember that the Client is paying for a service and part of that service is respite from the noise and hustle- and-bustle of their busy day.

Touch: Benefits of therapeutic touch.

This title may seem strange for Reiki Practitioners as we do touch our Clients, though we do gain consent as we know that not everyone likes to be touched. With Reiki we can hover above and this works just as well.

There are many other forms of therapeutic touch and they can make a big difference to a Client when they are upset or stressed. In nursing we used a hand on the shoulder to depict that we cared and that we were listening or a hand on the Patient’s hand. However therapeutic touch does have to be used with caution, though for some this touch can be a comfort in their time of need for others it is unacceptable. A lady whose hand I held all the way to the operating theatre when I was a student nurse stopped me two years later in the hospital to say thank you, she had never forgotten me holding her hand and keeping her calm until she went into theatre. Therapeutic touch can be something that is remembered long after we have forgotten that kindness.


Don’t touch me

However for other Clients touching could be a cultural ‘no-no’, some cultures do not want to be touched by someone who is not their family e.g. Japan. Also some people just do not like to be touched in anyway.

I think as you get to know your Clients you know who is hands-on themselves and who responds well to a caring hand on the shoulder.

Smell: Benefits of aromatherapy oils.

I think smells are another therapeutic tool, smells are a really important aspect of our daily lives. How many people love the smell of their first coffee in the morning, or the smell of their toast? Smells help us cement memories in our minds too, so spearmint/peppermint oil may remind us of Christmas and candy canes. Also these oil have an uplifting and balancing quality.

I personally use peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil if I have a cold or sinus trouble, they really help to unblock my nasal passages. This could be used with a Client if they come in with a cold or blocked nasal passages, a few drops in an oil diffuser or on a tissue next to the Client’s head (not too close it gets into their eyes) to ease congestion.

Lavender and camomile are great oils to help a client relax and unwind. I often drip it in the top corners of my pillow at night to help me sleep.

Lavender essential oil

If a Client needs their mood boosting the zesty citrus oils are very good for this. If a Client needs a quick lift in spirits then lemon or orange oil is very good, it help can elevate a Client’s mood and they are also calming. Grapefruit oil is both balancing, uplifting and may help with anxiety.

One of the best oils to use in your treatment room in winter and times of cold outbreaks is the ‘four thieves oil’, it smells wonderful!!! If you have never heard of this oil here is a short version of the tale, during the ‘black plague’ four thieves who use to rob the dead were brought to trial. The judge offered leniency if they could tell the secret of how they never got infected by the plague. They explained it as a mixture of aromatic herbs and oils that they rubbed on themselves before committing their crimes. Whether it’s true or not who cares it’s a great story and the oil is believed to be antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral and boosts the immune system thus keeping cold and virus away. It is thus beneficial for the Client and the Practitioner!!

However again it is best to discuss with the Client if they have a preference or dislike a certain smell, I know someone who hates the smell of lavender with a passion!! This is why I suggest dripping the oil on a tissue near the Client instead of dripping it on the sheet or pillow.

If the Client likes the smell of lavender and as they relax you can mention how relaxing lavender is they can then associate lavender with relaxing. This is called ‘neuro-associative conditioning’, this cements the smell of lavender to relaxation. This can be useful for future therapy sessions but also it gives them an oil they can use at home e.g. to drip on their pillow at night or smell when at work and they need to relax a little.

Power stance

I did an essential oil workshop that got us to stand in the ‘power stance’ and to say positive confidence evoking statements while intermittently smelling the blend of oils the practitioner had dripped onto our palms. This smell was then strongly link to these feelings and statements, if a Client e.g. has feelings of anxiety or dread then a sandalwood essential oil would be good for this exercise.

Sight: Benefits of Spiritual healing colours and pictures.

We have all heard that ‘first impressions count’, what we see visually is quite often the first sense we engage in a situation. These visual images have a profound effect on our brain, emotions and then body functions. If we watch a scary movie we can feel our heart speeding up, our anxieties levels rising as our ‘fight-or-flight’ response kicks in. For many people sitting at the beach watching the waves flow in and out is very relaxing, this image to them evokes feelings of tranquillity which means relaxing soothing neurochemicals are released into the body.

Protective Angel in radiant light
Relaxing meditating Buddha









The above paragraph explains two very opposing experiences through the sense of sight, but how do we bring this into the treatment room? Firstly I would say the images, pictures and décor in our treatment rooms. If you are coming to relax then pictures help denote this is a place to relax e.g. pictures of Buddha, waterfalls, beach scenes, Angels etc. I suggest a waterfall as it can’t be seen as being religious orientated for those Clients that aren’t religious.

Serene waterfall canvas

Also as first impressions are important you want a clean and tidy treatment room, a cluttered room can be a difficult place for some people to relax in and it can look unprofessional. Also you want the energy to be free flowing, any ‘feng-shui’ expert will tell you that clutter drains away your energy and retains stagnant energy.

The walls should be a neutral tone, some known relaxing colours are cool shades of green and blue, these colours help us feel more balanced and calm.

Purple is a very Spiritual colour and I personally like purple items in the treatment room this can be Angelic pictures infused with purple to amethyst crystals. A purple blanket can also be a lovely addition to the treatment room or a yellow or orange blanket as they are healing colours.

The lighting in a treatment room is very important, too harsh lighting activates our brains and prevents us from relaxing. Having a dimmer switch for the lighting means you can dim the lights for healing sessions and turn it up to denote the end of the session and to help the Client feel more awake before they leave.

To include the senses?

It is a matter of choice whether we try to use the Client’s senses to heighten the healing experience, whether we include one or several of the senses. The good news is that a lot of these practices would also be beneficial to the Practitioner too.

As we do use our senses to retain memories could the smell of lavender and being relaxed then be a new tool the Client can take with them for times of stress? In Nursing we were taught to make the Client/patient independent of us, this could be a way to help them relax and heal in between sessions.

I think as always the thing is to remember to ask the Client their preferences and get Client feedback, everyone is an individual and we all like and dislike different smells, sounds, colours and textures.

How to use crystals in healing

How to use crystals in healing.

heart shaped crystalI like to keep things as simple as possible, so I have compiled a quick guide for anyone including Practitioners to help with  incorporating  a few healing crystals into their practice or just to choose crystals for your own person use. I don’t think you can go wrong with crystals if you choose the ones that either you feel you are drawn to or research a little about which crystals best suit your needs. If you are using them for you or your Client’s ‘Highest Good’ you will make the right choice, you can always ask for ‘Divine guidance’ on this.

Abalone shell with assorted crystals
Abalone shell with assorted crystals

Choosing your crystals.

There are a lot of articles and information on the internet about crystals and how to choose positive energy crystals. It all becomes a little bewildering to know which crystals will be best for the specific healing requirement at hand. This could be one reason why both Reiki Practitioners and Clients are put off from using crystals, though the purest Reiki Practitioners among us may state that crystals were not part of their Reiki Training.

Incorporating the use of crystals into a Reiki healing can be very simple for anyone, as a Reiki Practitioner succinctly said to me at a Spiritual Fayre two months ago “many people get confused about crystals……. like crystals are a mystical thing!! but quite simply for a beginner I would say get a clear crystal quartz wand. Use the blunt end to draw out negative stuff, the pointy end puts positive energy into you”. It was a very true comment, the point is like most things with a little knowledge crystals can be very easy to use. Crystals can offer a great amount of extra healing to your Client’s sessions or for the Practitioners personal use.

Rose quartz crystals,


To choose my crystals I think if there is a specific purpose that I may need a crystal e.g. if I have a Client who has had a break up I would use rose quartz, not only is a beautiful crystal but it is a fantastic crystal to give to a Client to go home with. They can use it to mediate with and it can help nurture self-love and aid them in moving on. Also for break-ups the ‘apache tears crystal’ is a great crystal that protects against negative energy, which often lingers in a recent or bad break-up. This crystal  is great at blocking negative energy and allows the Client to heal.

If I didn’t know about crystals I would use a website that explains which crystals to use for which circumstance I was dealing with e.g. ‘The Mystical Moon’. Each time you search and learn which crystal to use you build up your crystal knowledge.

If in doubt I always go with my gut, which crystal I am drawn to when I think of that person or what ails them. I ask that the Angels guide my choice for them for their highest good. I may use any blue crystals I have if I think the person is worried and need support, I then ask that Archangel Michael protect the Client and give them his blue energy and strength.

Clear quartz is a traditional healing crystal, it is good for a wide numbers of uses: self esteem, childhood traumas, balance emotions, increase positive emotional energies, motivates people, it increases intuition, helps eliminate self pity, gives clarity of the mind, it will eliminate energy blockages and it is brilliant for meditating with to manifest your desires. It is an all round amazing crystal that could be your go to crystal whenever you are unsure which one to use.

Selenite crystal wand
Selenite crystal wand

My selenite crystal wand pictured above is the one I use, it is basically an eraser that can remove negativity, anxiety and worries. It is amazing for clearing any energy blocks in the body, a bit of a double energy clearing for the Client. I hang all my crystal bracelets on it at night to clear  away any negative energy I may have attracted.

How to use crystals in Reiki healing.

How to use crystals in healing as a Reiki Practitioner. Both I and my Reiki Practitioner friends go on intuition with their crystals, they have many healing crystals to choose from and go with their gut instinct on which one to put on the Client or near the Client, they may even ask the Client to hold one or merely place them under the massage coach. All these methods work really well!!!

Smoky quartz held in each hand has a relaxing effect







Two months ago I watched a Crystal Healer at a Spiritual Fayre use her crystal wand, she used the blunt end to hover over the Client’s head (crown chakra) thus drawing out the negative energy. She then stood for 5 minutes with the ‘pointy end’ pointing at the crown chakra allowing this void to be filled with positive healing energy. This is a very simplified version of what took place, but a great starting point.

If you are a Reiki Practitioner thinking of using crystals there are many certificated courses you can attend, though personally I would not do one online but in person to receive the first-hand knowledge of practicing on a Client and then receiving the gift of being healed with crystals.

How to use crystals in Reiki meditation.

Reiki symbols amethyst crystals
Reiki symbols etched on amethyst crystals

I use Reiki healing crystals if I want to empower my ‘self-healing’ when I undertake my ‘meditation with symbols’. The crystals I use are amethysts with ‘Cho Ku Rei’ and ‘Sei He Ki’ etched on them. I also have a stone with ‘Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen’ etched on it for distant healing. You can get these in most crystals stones of your choice, you just have to decide which you want to use. I prefer amethyst as purple is such a Spiritual colour and this crystal denotes the ‘crown chakra’, I use this and envisage the Reiki energy flowing into my crown when I meditate.


Of course these Reiki healing crystals can be utilised with your Client, if you so wish e.g. by placing them at the crown chakra  if you wish to use ‘Earth Ki’ if the Client has a sore arm etc. Or any other way you feel directed to use them.


Healing with crystals and Reiki.

My Chakra crystals

I also have a pack of chakra crystals which are colour co-ordinated to the chakra centres and are also etched with the chakra symbols. These too can be placed on the Reiki Practitioner when they undertake their personal healing sessions/meditations or on the Client. It is important though to listen to your intuition as you can place the crystals where they are needed rather than the corresponding chakra.

How to clean healing crystals.

The most important thing to know about any crystals you may choose is that they will require cleaning. This is very important as you do not know what negative energy they have absorbed on their journey from being mined to reaching you as the Customer.

Again this is a simple process you can just put them under running water, just run the tap/faucet on and let the water run over the crystals. Whilst doing this call upon God/Allah/Guardian Angels or the Universal Energy  etc. whichever you prefer  to clean the crystals of any negative energy and ask that they be infused with positive healing energy.

If you are a  Reiki Practitioner you can hold the crystals and infuse them with Reiki Healing Energy after they have been cleansed or channel Reiki healing energy into the crystal to cleanse it.

You can also clean the healing crystals by passing them through the smoke from a sage smudge stick. You can get the essence of sage smudge sticks in a spray which stop you having to burn a sage stick, this is good if your other half like mine has asthma. Last time I burnt and wafted my sage stick around his breathing was really affected.

Sage smudge stick

You can also leave them on the ground on Mother Earth to cleanse by moonlight.

It is important to cleanse the healing crystals after every use to get rid of any negative energy they may have absorbed.


Healing stones and crystals.

Whether you refer to them as ‘healing stones’ or ‘healing crystals’ the best rule of thumb is to keep it simple at first until your knowledge grows. If in doubt buy clear quartz crystals, this stone is extremely versatile.

You could research which crystal is best for the Client’s needs or your needs if buying for yourself. There is always several crystals to choose from for most ailments or upsets, this is where your gut instinct comes into play or you can ask for ‘Divine guidance’ to make the right choice.

Always get permission to place the healing crystals or stones on the Client if this is your preferred method of use, it also needs to feel right for the Client.

Lastly don’t be afraid to experiment with crystals, as long as you are using them for the ‘highest good’ of the Client or yourself you can’t wrong.


What is Reiki ?

What is Reiki healing?

Reiki energy channelled for healing
Reiki energy channelled for healing



Often people hear the terms ‘Reiki treatment’ or ‘Reiki healing’ and to the uninitiated it can sound like an alien concept. Reiki is natural healing; it is a form of hands on healing. The concept of hands-on-healing (also known as Energy or Spiritual healing) has been around for centuries, it has been celebrated in many cultures such as Christianity with Christ’s ability to heal using the ‘laying-on-of-hands’ and it is also mentioned in Greek mythology.

Reiki healing with 3 Practitioners
Reiki healing with 3 Practitioners

What is Reiki energy healing- what is Reiki used for?

Chinese meridians, energy highways
Chinese meridians, energy highways

Utilising energy is used in many ancient healing modalities, Chinese tradition uses the meridian system which is a pathway through which the life-energy known as “qi” flows. Hindus and Buddhists speak of chakras as ‘energy centres’ within the body. All denote the importance of this energy flowing freely to prevent stagnation which leads to ill health. Reiki also utilises energy through hands-on healing , this “universal energy” is channelled into the Client to encourage emotional and physical healing.

Reiki is Spiritual Healing though it has no religious bias, the founder was a Japanese Buddhist Monk Mikao Usui. Originally, he taught it as a self-healing and spiritual development tool for his students, only later did it become a way of treating others. The benefits of a Reiki treatment include stress reduction, relaxation, resilience, serenity and this calmness then allows the body’s natural self-healing processes to take place.

What is a Reiki treatment?

When you turn up for a Reiki treatment, you go in comfortable clothes the same as you would for meditation. In many ways the treatment is like a 40-60-minute meditation session. If this is your first visit the Reiki Practitioner should give you forms to fill-in to make sure you are fit and well. It will be similar forms you fill in when you have a massage. Your Practitioner may ask how you are feeling or how your week has been, all Practitioners have their own way of working.

Some Reiki Practitioners may ask where your aches and pain are, others won’t as they know intuitively where these hotspots are. However, it is best to note that even if e.g. they don’t touch your bad right knee the Reiki healing energy will go where it is needed anyway, it is a very intuitive healing energy.

For the reiki treatment you can lie down on the massage couch, you can have a blanket and you just chill out. The lighting in the therapy room will be soft, soothing music will be playing. Most reiki Practitioners will start at your head and you may feel their hands on your head or hovering above. It is your choice if you wish to be touched or not.

Often you will know whether the Reiki Practitioners hands are due to a feeling of gentle heat or immense heat. This is the energy flowing and as humans the best way we can describe this feeling is as heat, but it is the flow of the energy. Other sensations are very individual, though most people say it is extremely relaxing and they often sleep through a lot of the treatment.

After the treatment you will sit up until you feel steady and more grounded and will be given water to drink, it is important after a treatment to stay hydrated. Some people feel the effects immediately for others it can take days, the effect of which can go on for weeks.

What is Reiki used for?

Reiki is a complimentary therapy and is used in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic advice. However, Reiki is more of a Holistic practice as it treats the whole person, the body, mind and soul, the benefits of which are relaxation and inner peace. Only once a person can de-stress and leave the ‘flight-or-fight’ mode can the body start to heal itself. When we are in the ‘fight-or-flight’ mode a lot of the body’s natural healing processes in the body are switched off as energy is diverted e.g. to our legs and muscles to help us fight or run (flight). Body systems such as the immune system closes leaving us open to infections and disease.


Holistic: mind, body and soul







In a nutshell if I had to answer, ‘how does Reiki healing work’? I would say that the Reiki Energy Healers channel positive healing energy into the Client’s body that relaxes them, this positive healing energy help balance the meridians/chakras and the body’s energy can flow naturally, this free-flowing energy facilitates the patient’s own natural ability to selfheal. Every human being has an innate ability to self-heal, sometimes we just need a little help to remind the body of this. It reconnects the minds, body and soul to help them work in harmony.

Can anyone learn Reiki?

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and it can be learnt by anyone no matter what education you have previously had or what your religious beliefs are. As Mikao Usui the founder of Reiki was a Buddhist monk it is best to adhere to the characteristics of his teachings that of acting in a way that promotes harmony with others if you wish to practice Reiki. With this in mind if you have the calling to help people and you want to live in a more peaceful environment then Reiki could be for you.

It is important to make sure you train with an appropriately certificated Reiki Master. They will attune you to Reiki in person and you can receive top-ups of this energy weekly, learning Reiki can improve your own health and enhance your quality of your life.

Learning Reiki has the added bonus of learning to self-heal and meditate. Afterall we can’t help others if we ourselves need healing!! Content goes here.

Does Reiki Healing really work?

Reiki emerged in Japan in the late 1800’s and is still going strong today, with more hospitals, clinics and hospices using the services of Reiki Practitioners. Many workplaces are now doing Health and Well-being days with massage therapist and reiki Practitioners helping alleviate work stress.

Taking into account ancient health practices that utilise the energy channels or using science/physics that states that all things are made up of energy can we truly disprove a therapy that channels energy?

Reiki is a ‘complimentary therapy’ that works alongside conventional medicine. Though it takes a much more Holistic approach to the Client’s needs, it channels this ‘life energy’ or ‘chi’ which helps align the body, mind and spirit. The Client agrees for this energy to be transferred; this energy then aids the body’s natural ability to selfheal is the healing therefore not self-healing anyway?

All healing is self-healing, sometimes we just need a little help to remind our bodies that they have this innate ability to heal. Sometimes we need a respite from the busy lives we lead and permission to stop, rest and relax. Reiki treatments give this respite and then the resources (Reiki healing energy) to help our bodies get back to an equilibrium.

In the end though the best way to know ‘does Reiki healing really work?’ is to experience it for yourself. Reiki Practitioners generally are very caring people who genuinely enjoy helping heal people.

Animal Reiki courses

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About Karen

Welcome Energy/Lightworkers and students of Energy Healing or to those who wonder what Reiki is ? Welcome all to my ‘Reiki Products’ website!!!



My Name is Karen and I am a Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner and a Reiki Practitioner.

I started off in the caring field as a Community Nurse and then a Health Visitor. With so many time restrictions put on my work time I felt I couldn’t really care for my Patients/Clients as I wanted too. This made me feel that I needed a way to help people where my time wasn’t so constricted, where I could listen to my Clients and help them holistically.

I ‘stumbled’ across Rahanni Celestial healing by chance when my own Natural healer was teaching her first course in Rahanni. I didn’t know why I was attracted to trying energy healing but I knew that ‘hands-on healing’ was centuries old and I loved learning new things. Little did I know the pure heat/energy that could be channeled through our hands !!!! It was an amazing learning experience!!!

As in Reiki I was initiated into Rahanni Celstial Healing, but with Rahanni we were told how centuries ago before we came to Earth we had agreed to be Lightworkers!! this sent chills down me to think had this conversation truly taken place???

This ‘energy Healing’ had me hooked so I next studied Reiki (Traditional Usui Reiki) and I thoroughly enjoyed both Level 1 & 2, I practiced and helped as many people as I could (as I still do). I marveled how even with people who didn’t believe in such things (such as my fiance) they still felt the heat and energy and their health also still improved!!


Energy Healing is a way to help many people!!!

With this website I hope to bring as many Reiki products to those who are within the Natural/Energy Healing Vocation.

To those people that are just interested in the subject of Reiki, I hope some of these books and items will nudge you to go on to train to be channels of ‘healing energy’ too.

To the Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters please feel free to browse, if you are looking for a particular item that is not available please let me know.

I hope these items will help you show the Reiki symbols in your work and life areas/space,be utilised to cleanse your treatment rooms or just highlight what our vocation is all about.

Here you will find many Reiki products to wear to help you feel empowered or to adorn your homes and treatment rooms.



I have experience so much self healing and helped so many people with Reiki and Rahanni energy and I want to help bring this energy and light into as many homes and businesses as possible and see if we can spread this healing energy and interest to more people into becoming Energy Practitioners.

I know I struggled to kit out my treatment room with the Reiki symbols I had learn about and I hope this website helps decorate your homes and treatment rooms with what ever item you are drawn to.

Ifyou ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Love and Light,